Virtual Sessions

Bodster C.I.C. Virtual Sessions

?? Hi, Bodster Equine Assisted Learning C.I.C. has set up this ?Virtual Sessions? area to support people who cannot attend face to face sessions due to Coronavirus. We aim to also continue these sessions in the future for people who are unable to attend, for whatever reasons in order to continue ?virtual? contact with our ponies.

Our Mission is to help people who have often come to a point where they are anxious and feel disillusioned to develop their communication and observation skills and we will, through this ?Virtual Sessions? area offer ideas to help you through ?Mindfulness? activities, videos of the ponies and nature at Bodster C.I.C. and through other resources.

You will need a password to access the ?Virtual Sessions? and all the resources on offer will be able to be accessed through using this same password. You will need to pay a nominal fee to access this ?Virtual Sessions? area which will help to enable us to continue our valued work at Bodster C.I.C.

Thank You and Best wishes
Jo and Giles


Contact us on 07887876138 or by email at

to make payment and receive the Password.