What people are saying about us

Bodster CIC is an amazing community project which helps so many especially those with dementia, learning difficulties, mental health issues, and young people in care. I have seen it in action and seen them work with individuals that have not responded well to other forms of therapy but responded amazingly to the Bodster ponies. They get amazing outcomes for the most marginalised in our community and deserve to be finalists and win. If they win, the Island will gain much needed funding.

It is important to note that over the years Isle of Wight Council has supported Bodster through grants from Community and Adult Education and they always over exceeded their outcomes so IW Council should highlight Bodster as a project of Excellence. We can share in their success. I am so proud they are finalists.

Michael Lilley
IOW Councillor – 2019

“The Health Trainer Service (HTS) support adult clients to motivate towards health and wellbeing. The Health Trainer Service has been aware of Bodster C.I.C. over the years and has referred clients to Bodster who have anxiety, depression and low esteem or those who have long term conditions. Some clients have been working with the Mental Health services for years. I have seen amazing difference with the clients with confidence and just pleasure in their life.The sessions with the ponies have changed some peoples lives!

Erica Myers
Health TrainerĀ  16.06.2015


Met the beautiful ponies today and loved it, I shall be spending lots of time with them in the coming weeks. If you get a chance please do check out Bodster Equine Assisted Learning C.I.C. Wonderful Place, people and ponies.

Gina Stelliana
Mum on “Mum’s Course” Isle be Active – 19.10.2015


If you have a spare moment please vote for this great project; run by a couple of past colleagues whose dedication and hard work to support others is a rare quality in today’s world!

Sophie Allen
Past colleague and supporter of our work


My daughter Anna has Noonan’s Syndrome, ( which is a heart condition) and Aspergers. She has low self-esteem and bouts of depression. Anna went to the “Short Breaks Saturday sessions” at Bodsters in June 2013. Jo and Giles who run Bodster have a kind of a calmness about them that appeals to Anna, making her calm in the process. To use Anna’s words, it feels like I can be myself here mum’. Anna knows all the horses and ponies by name and she calls them ‘Her friends’. Whilst at Bodster I feel 100% confident that my child is safe and happy. Bodster makes Anna happy and that means the world to me. She is a different child when she comes home. She is so happy, chatty, eager to tell me all she has done and new things she has learnt. And this comes from a child who hates school so much she sometimes doesn’t talk for days and locks herself in her room. Just wish Anna could go more often !!

Debbie Constable

The program at Bodster Equine Assisted Learning Centre was found quite by accident by my wife on the Internet who was looking into things to do for our son in the local area. We booked our son onto a session, hoping for him to find an interest in or something for him to enjoy and we were not disappointed. On the first day when we collected him he said it was the best thing he had ever done and when could he return. He has since been back many times and now is a regular, I believe it is down to the hard work and effort put in by Jo and Giles and the ponies, who make the time spent there by our son such a good one. The horses on the farm have made a mark on him so much so, he has taken the time to write a letter (not an easy thing to do for a child with ADHD) to a local business asking for sun cream to help with the horses sun burnt noses!!. On returning from a day at Bodster Equine Assisted Learning Centre our son is a little calmer and more relaxed which obviously has a good effect on our family life. The program at Bodster Equine Assisted Learning Centre we believe, makes an unmeasurable contribution to the children who attend it, and this must be encouraged so it is available for more children to attend. Jo, Giles at Bodster Equine Assisted Learning Centre do a wonderful job and we wish them all the very best of luck for the future and look forward to our son continuing to as he says, “look after the horses”.

Paul and Sarah Wiltshire


Parents of a boy with ADHD who came to our Saturday Short Breaks sessions for over a year in 2015


I suffer from anxiety and when I first came here I kept my hood up and my head down. I didn’t speak to anyone. I enjoyed the sessions but I was still anxious before I went. I don’t get anxious anymore, just excited.



“Developing Confidence and Self-Awareness” course which we run weekly


She is really enjoying her sessions with you. She is in a much healthier place mentally from this time a year ago. My daughter has Aspergers and the benefits of her sessions at Bodster have become clear over the weeks, in particular in building areas such as her self-confidence and her interactions with people such as yourselves will undoubtedly remain with her for her lifetime.



Mother of a girl with Aspergers who came for a 10 week course in 2014