2015 – Aviva Community Care Funding 2015

Bodster Summer fun for young carers

We want to say a big Thank you to Aviva

Bodster Equine Assisted Learning C.I.C. won Aviva Community Care funding to offer a free opportunity for 10 young carers on the Isle of Wight where they can have respite experiencing fun interactions with our ponies on the ground. We ran a course for young carers in the community and the very therapeutic nature of these sessions allowed these carers to have time to reflect and by mixing with other children of similar age to them they had real time to socialise and develop friendships which they will hopefully continue with. We hope to continue to be able to offer similar courses for Young Carers in the future so if you are interested in this area of our work do get in touch to discuss your ideas further.

We also recently took part in an Aviva Crowdfunder and during Lockdown raised some funds to be able to run sessions for people with Mental Health issues/ depression. Again we want to send a big Thank you to Aviva for their support for this project and we aim to run further sessions for people to come and do some volunteering work at Bodster CIC .

So again if this is an area of interest do get in touch to discuss your ideas further.